Laura Mallery-Sayre & Dr. Frank Sayre - Event Chairs

Sandy Caldwell - Event Executive


Event Set-Up:

Jonelle Pascubillo, Dennis Pascubillo, Heather Scarbrough, Leah Pak-Chong



Malia Bolton, Kerstin Blunt, Christopher Blunt, Dr. Esra Lynch, Laura Dierenfield, John Simmerman, Pam Thomas, Stacy & Cal Dorn of Paradise Helicopters, Stephanie Weeks, Leslie Tanaka, Gordon Dong


Logo Wear:  Kammie Char, Kam Oi Wigen


Event Flowers: Ivy Grace


Silent Auction: Liz Gregg, Laura Varney, Kazuo Todd, Mary Villaverde, Dick & Louise Wagner


Program Layout & Logo Art:

WavenDean Fernandes & Michael Mark Portillo, Mana Brand Marketing & Design Branding


Public Relations:

Emily Gail from ESPN Radio 730 AM

Sherry Bracken from Lava 105.3 Radio, Kawehi Inaba & Sharon Saiki from Kupa’a Business Planners


 Video Production , Program Photographer, & Web Site Photographer:  FRS Jeffery Loo, Retired


 Dignitary & Fire Department Greetings:  Mary & Bud Love, Kazuo Todd


Janet Hara - Foundation Auditor

 Sandy Caldwell & Patricia Schumacher, CPA - Foundation Accountants


 Event Support Members

 Christopher Blunt

Angela Reich

Carol Langevin

Kelly Drysdale

Lihn Lee

Gerald Kosaki

Shawn Gallagher

Jesse Ebersole

Julie Klatz

Juliet Nacino

Tawna Iaela

Janie Peterson

Tyra Iaela

Mike and Carol Lam

43rd HFD Recruit Class