The Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Foundation has the privilige of presenting The Nineteenth Annual Foundation Award for Meritorious Service, Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, to the following seven men of the Hawaii County Fire Department; these individuals were nominated, reviewed, and selected by the Department's officers for their heroism and exceptional performance.

  • Fire Equipment Operator Michael Akau

    Michael Akau

    Fire Equipment Operator
  • Fire Rescue Specialist Chad Chun Fat

    Chad Chun Fat

    Fire Rescue Specialist
  • Water Safety Officer II Anton Finley

    Anton Finley

    Water Safety Officer II
  • Water Safety Officer I Ryan McGuckin

    Ryan McGuckin

    Water Safety Officer I
  • Acting Fire Rescue Specialist Lui Sales

    Lui Sales

    Acting Fire Rescue Specialist
  • Fire Equipment Operator Don Teramoto

    Don Teramoto

    Fire Equipment Operator
  • Fire Equipment Operator James Wilson

    James Wilson

    Fire Equipment Operator